About Us

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth’s Ecclesiastes 12:1a

The C.S.I. Youth Movement Sharjah was formed with good topics for a persuasive speech the vision to bring youths together to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Youth meetings are conducted every Friday 11:00 AM at hall no. 4 or Hall no. 5 with the active participation of our youths. The meetings are very much utilized for sharing the prayer requests, pray together and receiving blessings from Almighty.


  • to encourage youths to dedicate their life for JESUS Christ and to aim the completion of creation of human beings
  • to encourage and prepare our youths to serve the society for the financial, social and political courtesy
  • to encourage our youths to involve different activities of church actively
  • to form and implement the creative suggestions to meet the mission of CSI Parish Sharjah
  • to encourage the ecumenism and unity activities


Apart from our regular youth meetings, the Youth Movement used to organize different activities to meet the purpose of youth movement. Details are as follows,

  1. Blood Donation

CSI Youth Movement Sharjah used to conduct the blood donation campaigns to meet the social and humanitarian responsibilities. Our members used to participate very actively.

  1. Labour Welfare

CSI Youth Movement Sharjah used to extend the helping affordable papers 4u com hands towards the needy labours of the emirate based on the nature and type of needs. Actively involved during the amnesty, Labour camp problems, Medical cases etc.

  1. UAE Youth Conference

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To bring all youths of UAE together, we used to host the UAE CSI Youth Conference on rotation basis. Around 350 youths attend the one day conference which discuss the relevant topics for the current generations.

  1. Youth Times

To encourage and develop the skills of our youths, youth times quarterly magazine regularly. Here our members write and reads different articles like Interviews, Essays, Stories, Experiences and Health Issues.

  1. Building Project

After getting the permanent place for worship, Youth Movement decided to build one church in each dioceses of Kerala for the poor people in the region. Already 2 churches are built and dedicated for worship. Those are Kombukutty Church in Madhya Kerala Diocese and Kattoli church in East Kerala Diocese. Projects for South Kerala and North Kerala Dioceses are in progress.

  1. Youth Koinonia

To encourage the spiritual needs of our youths, we used to conduct the fellowship Koinonia every year.

  1. Youth Chorus

Youth Movement has a singing team Youth Chorus to lead youth meeting’s praise and worship, Youth Koinonia and Youth Carol Services.

  1. Christmas Carol

Every Year Youth Movement used to conduct Christmas carol as part of celebrating Christmas and glorify GOD.

  1. Mission Support

As youth movement, we are supporting one missionary in Kurukshala Field of Andra Mission. Also supporting one Missionary and Family in Thotta Pradesh Mission, Kerala.

  1. Child Sponsorship

Youth Movement is Supporting financially backward 25 children in Parakkal Mission.

As part of our Youth Movement, we have been blessed by the Lord to work together with other organizations of our Church. This includes active involvement of our youth in the VBS, Church Transportation, Harvest Festival, Good Friday etc. Because of the Lord’s Grace alone, through the last couple of years we have been able to encourage the needy and suffering youths with prayer support and visits.

To God alone be all the Glory!