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However, the growing number and variety of PVinstallations, centralized management and information integration of each station are increasingly difficult to manage.

Since then, its energy business case study eki has specialized in providing key components and total system solutions for solar applications, and has gradually been completing 20 key PV construction projects in the Beijing area. These PV stations are located in different areas do my essay uk kilometers away from headquarters. Although the company regularly sent staff to transcribe meter data, HQ could not understand the operational status of each power station in real-time.

As more and more PV plants come online, more manpower and resources will be required.


Under increasingly heavy loading on maintenance and operation management, the company urgently needed a real-time monitoring and unified case study eki platform.

This chronic renal failure thesis to withstand harsh conditions.

System Description For photovoltaic applications, Advantech proposed Web browser-based intelligent software equipped with industrial-grade hardware. The Solar Power Management System SPMS is a multi-layer architecture for data acquisition, transmission network and systems management, which enabled users to use information and scientific methods to manage their PV plants.


For general users and system integrators, troubled by the numerous front-end devices with different brands, supporting a wide array of communication protocols can easily solve this problem. Through this function, no matter which brand of PV string, convergence box, inverter, meteorological instrument, video camera, security English short essay pt3 and meter is used, they are easily incorporated into the system.

Plus, the system can also retain all data and provide historical data reports. Bothfeatures are a big help for PV plant managers who case study eki to submit the full records and reports to apply for government cases study eki. In order to facilitate the management of plant case study eki, the easy-to-use management interface allows users to add, delete or modify data.

By integrating a Geographic Information System GISvideo surveillance system and security system, control center managers can remotely monitor each PV stationfrom the same platform. For historical data, daily, monthly, quarterly, annual or other frequency reports can be generated.

Furthermore, the case study eki also provides WebAccess configuration software, for narrative descriptive writing several Advantech devices, including industrial computer, analog input module, single mode media converter, unmanaged switch.

All of them are industrial-grade rugged cases study eki. The ADAM, an 8-channel analog input module with high and low temperature resistance, anti-noise and anti-surge characteristics, is responsible for collecting environmental and weather information through the Modbus RTU protocol to transfer the data to the computer.

For network configuration, since the PV cases study eki are categorized romulus my father essay outdoor and remote applications and this project needed to integrate many different levels of power stations, Advantech utilized two cost-effective networking products to construct a stable transmission of communication case study eki.

Through the deployment of EKIS fiber optic converters in the front-end data acquisition section, the system can increase communication distance beyond the meter limitation of Ethernet links. An EKI unmanaged switch was installed to transfer data between the stations and the control center.